Bottle Rocket Lift and Dip

The Bottle Rocket Lift is the exciting climax of your dance which then melts down into a beautiful dip. The dip is like sign language- it tells your audience the dance is over and they can begin applauding.

Helpful tips

  • Leaders must have feet apart and bend the knees while maintaining a straight back as hands wrap around the base of the follower’s rib cage.
  • The follower must jump straight up and avoid flexing the hips.
  • The follower should also use their arms to press down on the leader’s shoulders.
  • Practice in an area with plenty of space, and take frequent breaks.
  • In the dip, followers need to keep their eyes up and off the ground. You can look at your partner or out at your adoring fans.
  • Hold the dip for at least 5 seconds so that your audience knows the dance is over and so your photographer can snap a quick picture.

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