Character 1

This fun choreography perfectly matches the energy of the music. Enjoy learning the steps and infusing them with your own personality!

Helpful tips

  • Stay close to your partner so that you are easily within arms reach.
  • Be precise and sharp in your arm movements to ensure they match the energy of the music.
  • Anytime you are turning, keep your core engaged and stand up tall. Turning with good posture and shoulders down helps with balance and allows you to rotate efficiently. If you're having trouble with any of these turns, usually bad posture is the culprit!


Measure        Steps

1         Follower hops forward with hands behind back on count 1, leader does the same on count 5
2         Follower lunges left on count 1, leader does the same on count 5, both dancers cross their right leg on 7, and turn                   counterclockwise to unwind on 8
3         Follower lunges right (in front of the leader) on 1, leader lunges left on count 5
4         Leader spins follower into cradle on 1 2, lean left on 3 4, stand up 5 6, spin out 7 8

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