First Dance Routine to “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

Now, let’s put all of the steps you’ve learned together into this lovely routine! We’ve also included a written instruction below. Have fun!

If you need additional help with your dancing, feel free to schedule a Skype lesson with us. And if you’d like to make changes to the dance or spice it up more, you can hire us to choreograph something special for you. Get started here.

Intro (5 sets of 8)

  • Casually get into a closed dance position (follower’s right hand on leader’s chest)

  • Sway and rotate for 8 counts

  • Follower’s outside turn to side by side position (4 counts), roll into Corte position (4 counts)

  • Rock 4 times (2 counts each)

  • Follower’s outside turn to side by side position (4), Follower walk in circle and end in dance position

Slow Foxtrot Pattern 1

  • Basic x 2

  • Left Rock Turn x 2

  • Grapevine

  • Left Rock Turn x 2

Smooth Swing Pattern (3 sets of 8)

  • Basic

  • Outside Turn

  • Inside Turn

  • Cradle (leader stops footwork)

  • Lean “....some things are meant to be…”

Transition (2 sets of 8)

  • Roll out and pull back, end in closed position (hand on chest) “Take my hand…..”

  • Sway and rotate for 8 counts “Take my whole life too….”

Slow Foxtrot Pattern 2

  • Basic (“For I can’t help…”)

  • LRT 

  • Grapevine

Repeat Smooth Swing Pattern

Repeat Transition

Repeat Foxtrot Pattern 2

ENDing (music slows down)

  • Send out (2 counts), Inside turn to dip (2 counts) (“For I can’t help…”)

  • Outside turn to side by side pos (2 counts) (“falling in love…”)

  • Roll into to casual Shadow Position (ending pose) (“with you…”)