First Dance Routine to “Perfect”

Now, let’s put all of the steps you’ve learned together into this lovely routine! We’ve also included a written instruction below. Have fun!

If you need additional help with your dancing, feel free to schedule a Skype lesson with us. And if you’d like to make changes to the dance or spice it up more, you can hire us to choreograph something special for you. Get started here.

Intro (4 sets of 8)

  • Walk out (“I found a love…”) (4 counts), Side by side position and roll into dance position (4)

  • Circular Dip (“Darling just dive right in”) (4), Sways x 4 (4)

  • Outside turn with 2 hands (“I found a girl”) (4), Shampoo Faceloop with 2 hands (4)

  • Face to face, 2 hand hold, 4 walks in circle (“I never knew you were”) (4), Outside turn into dance position(4)

Modified Waltz 1

  • 1 set of Progressive Basic

  • Half box to Butterfly

  • Finish Box

  • 1 set of Progressive Basic

  • Rotating Box

  • Half Box UAT (face front, without finishing the box)

  • Quick Dip with follower’s leg behind and outside turn (“Baby, I'm…”)

Modified Smooth Swing

  • Basic x 2 (begins at“dancing in the dark….”)

  • Outside Turn

  • Inside Turn

  • Basic x 2

  • Leader’s Wrap

  • Cradle (in place)

  • PAUSE (2 counts)

  • Sway x 3 (LRL) (starts on “when you said you looked a MESS”)

  • Roll out

  • Touch and Open (“breath (out) you (in)…”)

  • Touch and Open (“heard (out)  it (in), darling…(out)”)

  • Roll into Cradle (“you look perfect...)

  • Lean (tonight…”)


  • Roll out to side by side

  • Roll into shadow position

Modified Waltz 2

  • Shadow Side Basic and Flip

  • Box in Shadow

  • Rotating Box in Shadow

  • Box in Shadow with Follower’s Inside Turn (end facing each other)

  • Half box to 5th Pos (hands on backs, 3 rocks)

  • Helicopter with Outside Turn (end in dance position)

Repeat Modified Waltz 1

Repeat Modified Smooth Swing

Long Transition

  • Walk in circle, outside turn, end in side by side position

  • Roll into shadow position

Repeat Modified Waltz 2

*Helicopter (end in side by side position)


  • Spinning Lift

  • Land and Dip

  • Spin out to side by side position

  • End in “Hand Pillow”