First Dance Routine to “Crazy Love”

Now, let’s put all of the steps you’ve learned together into this lovely routine! We’ve also included a written instruction below. Have fun!

If you need additional help with your dancing, feel free to schedule a Skype lesson with us. And if you’d like to spice up your first dance more, you can hire us to choreograph something special for you. Get started here.

  • Intro (4 sets of 8)

  • 1st set of 8 - Walk on to the dance floor for 8 counts

  • 2nd set of 8 - Intro: The Cradle

  • 3rd set of 8 - Intro: The Lean

  • 4th set of 8 - Intro: Left Turn

Dance Pattern

  • Basic (drop hand at the end)

  • Follower’s double turn

  • Rotating Basic

  • Alternating Turns

  • Basic

  • Follower’s double turn to duo turn

  • Forward Basic

  • Follower’s left turn (end in two-hand hold)

  • The Cradle

  • Walk in circle, roll out to side by side position, back into dance position (8 counts)

  • Basic

  • Follower’s double turn

  • Rotating basic

  • Basic

  • Follower’s double turn to duo turn (end in two-hand hold)

  • Basic


  • Send follower out

  • Follower’s left turn (in place)

  • Dip