First Dance Routine to “Thinking Out Loud”

Now, let’s put all of the steps you’ve learned together into this lovely routine! We’ve also included a written instruction below. Have fun!

If you need additional help with your dancing, feel free to schedule a Skype lesson with us. And if you’d like to spice up your first dance more, you can hire us to choreograph something special for you. Get started here.

Intro (4 sets of 8) 

  • Walk on to the dance floor

  • The Lean

Dance Pattern (begins ‘And darling I will be loving you…’)

  • Rotating Basic

  • Basic

  • Double Turn to Duo Turn

Highlight (3 sets of 8)

  • The Hammerlock

Repeat Dance Pattern


  • Send follower out, left turn in place, straight into dip

*A little note about the music: Please note that we aren’t dancing the whole song because it is a little too long that recommended. But if you really want to dance the full song, feel free to repeat the dance pattern until the end of the song. And if you have a live band, make sure to send them the version of the song that you are dancing to. If you have a DJ, you can tell him/her to use The Dip as a signal to fade out the song.