First Dance Demo 1 - Simple and Elegant

Below is a simple first dance that we've created for you. Feel free to learn this for your first dance or use it as an inspiration. We've also included the written pattern below. If you have more time to prepare and would like to spice up your first dance a little more, check out our first dance demo 2 and demo 3. Enjoy!

Intro (4 sets of 8)

  • Use 8 counts to enter the dance floor and face each other

  • Intro with Left Turn

  • Basic

  • Rotating Basic

Dance Pattern 

  • Basic (drop hand on count 8)

  • Follower's Right Turn

  • Basic (drop hand on count 8)

  • Follower's Double Turn

Highlight (4 Sets of 8)

  • Send follower out and get into cradle position

  • Stay in the cradle position and walk around in a circle

  • Roll follower out to the right

  • Lead her around and join dance position

Repeat Dance Pattern Twice

Add Dip after Double Turn

Custom Dance Choreography is available!

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