Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions regarding our wedding dance program, feel free to contact us!

How much time do we need to learn this program?

This depends how fast you learn, how often you practice and how good you want to become. Learning to dance is similar to learning a new language; it takes time to learn and feel comfortable speaking it. Ideally, you should start the program as soon as you can. We recommend giving yourself at least 4 months to prepare. For those of you who want to impress your guests with a fully choreographed first dance, we recommend starting 6-12 months depending on the complexity of the dance. Basically, the more time you put into this, the better you get!

What if we have less than a month to prepare? Is it worth it?

Yes, it is! Even if you have limited time, you will find our program very helpful. Our program was designed for couples with different time frames. You may not be able to wow your guests with a "Dancing with the Stars" routine like some other couples do. But if you practice often, you should be able to master a few basic moves from the program, put them into a nice pattern and perform it at your wedding. It'll definitely be better than rocking back and forth like you were in middle school...

How much space do we need?

You don't need a lot of space for this. The dance steps that we will be showing you were chosen to fit any wedding dance floor with typical sizes, ranging from 10x10 to 30x30.

We have never danced before, is this program for us?

Absolutely, our wedding dance program was designed with beginners in mind. If you can walk, you can dance! 

Are the steps you teach suitable for any song?

The steps we teach in our online wedding dance course will be suitable for most songs with 2/4 or 4/4 time signature. We have also created a list of first dance songs that would be perfect for the steps we teach. Check them out! If you have a unique first dance song or a mash-up, we can also teach you through Skype lessons or Custom Video Dance Instruction.

How much does the online dance course cost?

Depending on the program you choose, pricing starts at $59.

How do we sign up?

Click here to sign up!

How do we access the course material?

Once you've signed up on our website, you will have access to the member page and you can enter to the program which you’ve purchased.

Can we reach out to you if we need additional help?

Of course! We'd be happy to schedule Skype lessons with you and we can go over any problems you may have.

Can we learn a routine that is even more complex that the ones you show in the videos?

Yes! We can teach you through Skype lessons or Custom Video Dance Instruction. Just let us know your vision and we can go from there!

What is your refund policy?

While we do not offer any refunds, you are welcome to check out our free videos before signing up. Click here for our detailed policies. 

We had an amazing time putting together our first dance at Duet! ... We had so much fun learning something new as a couple together, and even more fun surprising all of our family and friends at our wedding with our killer dance moves! We had such a wonderful experience at Duet and intend to continue to learn and visit with our friends there.
— Linsey S., The Knot Review

Cover photo by Shelly Ruth Photography featuring Duet's students, Linsey and Patrick's first dance.