Lesson 1: Finding the Beat and the Perfect First Dance Song

In this lesson, you will learn how to find the beat in a song and how to choose a first dance song that will be perfect for your wedding. Feel free to look at this list of First Dance Songs that we've hand picked for you. All of the songs in the list will work seamlessly well with the steps we teach in the program. 

Helpful tips

  • The perfect length for a first dance is between 2.5 and 3 minutes. If your song is longer than 3 minutes, your dancing can become repetitive and boring to you and your guests. You can always ask your DJ to fade out a song or have your band play a shorter version of your song.
  • Make sure the lyrics of your song are appropriate for weddings. 
  • Send your DJ or band the exact version of the song that you've been practicing to. 
  • If you have a band, it doesn't hurt to ask them for a recording of the way they play your song. Since your band might play a different version or tempo of your song, it's good to be able to practice to their version.
  • Note that any song with a waltz timing or a 3/4 time signature will not work for the steps that we teach in the program. If you need help finding a song that works, check out our First Dance Songs list. If you need additional help, feel free to schedule a Skype lesson with us!
Need additional help? Schedule a Skype Lesson with us!

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