Demo of Swing 2

In this lesson, you will learn the choreography for the second swing section which is filled with lots of fun twists and turns and surprises!


Helpful tips

  • Keep your faces bright and excited during this section, even if you are working hard to remember the choreography. The music for this section has a lot of personality and we want you to shine!



Measure   Steps

  1.         Maypole run on 1 2 3 4, follower does an inside turn on 5-6 and again on 7-8
  2.         Step back and replace 1 2, follower does half an inside turn to face away form the leader 3 4, sit on 5 and kick 6, exit and                      face partner 7 8
  3.         Basic, Basic
  4.         Outside Turn, Inside Turn
  5.         Basic,  Basic (rotate so that leader is facing back of dance floor)
  6.         Leader stays in place as follower walks forward and then turns to face partner. Follower takes one running step then hops to                  plant both feet for take off (this is explained further in the 'Bottle Rocket Lift' video


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