It's Time to Dance!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and thank you for signing up to learn our "La La Land" inspired routine!

To make your life easier, we've divided our program into a few sections. We suggest you follow the order of the steps listed below as it is designed to help you learn the routine most effectively. This is a simplified version of the original routine, in which we've omitted a few steps from the original dance to make it easier for beginners or students with limited time. But watching the video of the full routine will help you get familiar with the music and timing of the routine. And remember, we are only a click away. You can always schedule a Skype lesson with us if you need any additional help with your first dance. Now, let's take your first step below and get started!

* A note about music: You'll want to cut the first 19 seconds from the original track 'Epilogue' from the La La Land Soundtrack. The piano in this section is extremely soft and difficult to count. The choreography for the Intro (walk on) begins with the stronger sounding piano after the 19 second mark. 


Section 1 - Waltz 1

In this section, you will learn the elements in the Waltz 1 section of the routine.


Under arm Turn


Transition to Spinning Lift

Demo of Waltz 1

Spinning Lift


Section 2 - Waltz 2

In this section, you will learn a quick transition to Waltz 2 section and the pattern of the section.

Quick Transition from Spinning Lift to Waltz 2

Demo of waltz 2

Section 3 - Character 1

This fun character section gives you a chance to show off your personalities!

Demo of Character 1

lala-character1-thumb (1).jpg

Section 4 - Smooth Swing 1

In this section, we will show you some basic swing moves that you will use in the Swing 1 and 2 sections.


Outside TUrn

Inside Turn

Demo of Swing 1


Section 5 - Character 2

Here's another fun character section!

Demo of Character 2

Section 6 - Smooth Swing 2

Learn how to put all of the swing moves into a combo for the Swing 2 section.

Demo of Swing 2

Section 7 - Intro, Dip and Putting All Steps Together

Here are the final touches to turn your dance into a master piece!


Bottle Rocket Lift and Dip

Combining all steps

Performance and Styling