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Welcome to Duet Dance Studio's Online Wedding Dance Lessons! Creating your first dance is similar to making a beautiful painting. To begin, you have to start with a well primed canvas and clean paint brushes. To do that, we will teach you the essential elements of partner dancing. Once your canvas is primed, we will guide you through your first few brush strokes by showing you the basic dance steps. After mastering the basics, we can add colors to your composition by incorporating some fancy turns! We will also show you how to spice up your painting with some bold choices, such as a dip and other show-stopping moves. Now, you are ready to apply final touches to your artwork. Don't forget to seal your painting by practicing a lot to music. And lastly, show off your gorgeous creation to the world!

Below are detailed descriptions of our lessons. You will also find a few free videos to give you a head start. Once you've signed up to the program, you will have full access to our dance videos and course materials. And you can start learning from home right away. We look forward to being a part of your wedding dance journey!

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Section 1 - Prime Your Canvas 

In this section, we will get you ready with the essentials you need to create your masterpiece.

Lesson 1: Finding the Beat in a Song

In this lesson, you will learn how to find the beat in a song and how to choose a first dance song that will be perfect for your wedding. While the steps we teach in the program will work with most first songs, feel free to look at this list of first dance songs that we've carefully chosen for you. All of the songs in the list will work seamlessly with the steps we teach. 

Lesson 2: The Dance Hold and Posture

Partner dancing is all about connection. It takes good posture and proper dance hold to connect with your partner on the dance floor. In this lesson, you will learn the proper way to dance with your future husband or wife.

Lesson 3: Leading and Following

In the 3rd lesson, you will learn one of the most important skills in partner dancing: communication. Leaders will learn how to give clear signals and followers will learn how to trust your partner and follow.

Section 2 - Your First Draft

After priming your canvas and getting your tools ready, you will begin the first draft of your first dance! We will teach you all of the basics you need for your dance. This is one of the most essential sections. The basic steps you learn will establish a good foundation for the future lessons to come. So, make sure to master this section before moving on.

Lesson 4: Basic Step 

You are now ready to learn your first dance step! This is a great step for beginners. It is simple to learn and will give you a good foundation for the future steps. Practice this repeatedly until it becomes second nature.

Lesson 5: Rotating Basic

In this lesson, you will learn how to rotate the basic step to make it more interesting. This is also a great move to help you navigate around the dance floor.

Lesson 6: Forward Basic

In this lesson, you will learn another basic that allows you to move in a different direction. This creates variety in your first dance and keeps things exciting!

Lesson 7: Combining the Basics

After you've learned all of the basic steps, it's time to practice them in a combo.

Section 3 - Add Colors

And finally, you get to add colors to your draft by learning some fun spins! In this section, we have included a few different turns and turn combos. You don't have to learn or incorporate all of them to your dance. You can pick and choose what you like and what you are capable of for your final creation!

Lesson 8: Follower's Right Turn

One of the most exciting things to do in dance is to turn! In this lesson, you will learn the first follower's turn.

Lesson 9: Follower's Left Turn

Another fun turn for the follower!

Lesson 10: Follower's Double Turn

In this lesson, you will learn how to combine the right turn and left turn into a fun little combo.

Lesson 11: The Cradle Turn

Another fun turn that looks fantastic in pictures!

Lesson 12: Leader's Right Turn

Yes, leaders get to turn too!

Lesson 13: Turn Combo 1 

It's time to combine all of the turns you know into an impressive turn combo.

Lesson 14: Turn Combo 2

Another crowd-pleasing turn combo.

Section 4 - Let's Spice Things Up!

In this section, we will show you various ways to begin and end your first dance. Again, you can decide what to learn and incorporate into your first dance. Make it fun and special to you! The beginning and end of the dance are important because they are usually most memorable to your guests. So, let's learn to start your dance with a bang and end it with a standing ovation!

Lesson 15: Intro Variation 1 - Simple yet elegant (Watch for free)

A simple yet elegant way to start your first dance.

Lesson 16: Intro Variation 2 - Sweet

A slightly fancier way to begin your first dance.

Lesson 17: Intro Variation 3 - Romantic

This is a great variation for those of you who want to impress your guests with a grand entrance.

Lesson 18: Intro Variation 4 - Fancy

This is the ultimate intro variation to start your first dance with a bang!

Lesson 19: Grand Finale - The Dip! 

Learn how to execute the picture perfect dip safely and gracefully.

Section 5 - Be Creative

Now, you have all of the pieces you need to create your first dance. Included in the section are a few dance demos that give you ideas for combining the steps you've learned. Feel free to copy any of the demos or use them as inspiration. Have fun creating and dancing!

Lesson 20: Putting Steps Together 

We will show you how to put everything you've learned together and create your very own first dance. It will be so unique, just like the two of you!

Dance Demo 1: SImple and Elegant 

Dance Demo 2: Romantic

Dance Demo 3: Flashy 

Section 6 - Apply Final Touches and Seal your Painting

It's almost time to show your work to the world. But before we do that, let's fine-tune some details and make it a masterpiece!

Performance and Styling

Dancing is more than learning steps. This lesson will teach you additional things you should know before your big performance.

Additional Tips and AdvicE

Here are a few more useful tips from our students who have recently gotten married. Check them out!


Ready to take your first step? 

Duet Dance Studio was the perfect way for my husband and I to prepare for our first dance at our wedding without having to pay lots of money and have to take time out of our busy schedules to go to in-person dance lessons. Our guests at the wedding were so surprised and impressed when my husband and I did our first dance, and I loved how the entire experience of learning the dance gave us some quality together time leading up to the big day. I definitely recommend Duet Dance Studio for other couples!
— Lisa J.

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Cover photo by Matt Andrews Photography featuring Duet Dance's students, Donnie and Megan during their first dance.