Performance and Styling

It's almost time to show your creation to the world. But before we do that, let's fine tune some details and make it a masterpiece! Dancing is more than doing steps. In this lesson, we will teach you additional things you should know before your big performance. 

Don't Forget ...

  • Smile and look at your partner when you dance. Most of your guests will look at your beautiful faces. So, as long as you keep your heads up and smile, you will look confident.
  • Enter the dance floor slowly and gracefully. Feel free to incorporate your arm styling.
  • Don't forget to breath! 
  • Keep dancing even when you made a mistake. 
  • Hold the dip a few seconds so that your photographer can capture this lovely moment.
  • Most people tend to speed up when they are nervous. So, remind yourself to slow down.
  • Relax and have fun!
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