Choreography: Putting Steps Together

In this lesson, you will learn how to connect ALL sections of the dance and ...voila! Your dance is complete!

Helpful tips

  • Remember to cut the first 19 seconds from the original track 'Epilogue' from the La La Land soundtrack. You'll begin your intro when the piano begins.

  • Let the music be your guide when connecting all the different sections of the dance. Try to match your energy to that of the music in order to be expressive.

  • Some dancers find it helpful to talk through the dance as they do it slowly. We call this 'marking' the dance, and it allows you to connect things smoothly before adding music.




Waltz 1, Transition, Spinning Lift

Transition, Waltz 2

Character 1

Swing 1

Character 2

Swing 2

Bottle Rocket Lift and Dip

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