Lesson 3: Lead and Follow

Partner dancing is all about connection. In this lesson, leaders will learn how to give clear signals and followers will learn how to trust your partner and enjoy the ride.

Don't Forget ...

  • Follower, give your partner resistance by pushing forward gently and keep your steps slow. It's okay to feel that you are catching up with your partner.

  • Leader, be confident and deliberate with your steps. That way, your partner can feel where you are going and follow better.

  • Keep your head up and look at your partner!

Helpful tips

  • During the shopping cart exercise, feel free to play with speed. This will test your leading and following skills.

  • It might be helpful and less intimidating to practice leading and following without shoes.

For same sex couples

  • If you can't decide who is going to be the leader, you can try both leading and following during the shopping exercise. It may help you decide which role to take on.

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