Demo of Swing 1

This is a demonstration of the choreography for the Swing 1 section. Repetition is key when learning choreography, so set aside some extra time in order to memorize this pattern.


Helpful tips

  • Take small steps to stay close to your partner. Don't allow the speed of the music and your momentum to pull you apart from each other.



Measure     Steps

  1. Basic,     Basic
  2. Outside Turn,     Inside Turn
  3. Waist Roll to cross hands,      Inside turn to change hands
  4. Waist roll to cross hands,      Shadow position
  5. Typewriter to Right,      Typewriter to Left
  6. Typewriter to Right and exit,      Inside turn to change hands
  7. Basic,      Basic
  8. Waist Roll to cross hands,      Tuck Turn
  9. Inside Turn,      Outside Turn
  10. Cradle (need to offer hand right away),      Frisbee
  11. Waist Roll,      Tuck Turn


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