Demo of Swing 2

In this lesson, you will learn the choreography for the second swing section which is filled with lots of fun twists and turns and surprises!


Helpful tips

  • Maintain good posture in your frame and keep your eyes off the floor.
  • The music is fast for this section, so use repetition and work up to the correct speed in your practices.



Measure    Steps

  1.       Maypole run on 1 2 3 4, follower does an inside turn on 5-6 and again on 7-8
  2.       Step back and replace 1 2, follower does half an inside turn to face away from the leader 3 4, sit on 5 and kick 6, exit and                         face partner 7 8
  3.       Rock Turn: Step back and replace as you get into closed frame 1-2, rock 3-4 and 5-6. Open frame as you step back and                           replace 7 8
  4.       Begin Bull Fighter: Leader steps forward left into waist roll 1-2, cross hand position step back replace 3-4, pull to                                     shadow position 5-6, step back and replace 7-8
  5.       Step forward 1, rotate 180 degrees and step together 2, step back and replace 3-4, leader repeats steps forward and                                 together again while turning follower counter-clockwise using the right hand on 5-6, in the shadow position again                          step back and replace 7-8
  6.       Leader stays in place as follower walks forward and then turns to face partner. Follower takes one running step then hops                       to plant both feet for take off (this is the Bottle Rocket lift, watch that video for details)


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