Tips and Advice

Here is some useful advice from our students who have graduated from our wedding dance program. Check them out!

Helpful Tips

  • Be patient with yourself and your partner. Learning to dance takes time and practice makes perfect. So, don't give up when you don't get something right in the beginning. Keep trying until the steps become natural to you.
  • Start your dance lessons early so that you have ample of time to perfect your first dance.
  • Practice in shoes that are similar to the ones that you wear at your at wedding. You can even get bridal dance shoes that are specificly made for weddings.
  • If you have a long wedding dress, make sure to bustle it up before you dance!
  • Send your DJ or band the version of the song that you've been practicing to. Tell them when to fade out the song if it is too long. 
  • Practice your dance in front of an audience will help get your nerves out.
  • Have fun and enjoy your magical first dance.
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