Under Arm Turn to Inside Turn

In this lesson, you will learn how to do an inside turn which is connected to the end of the under arm turn. The inside turn is quick and showy, and it's a great compliment to the elegance of the under arm turn.

Helpful tips

  • Followers should try to look at the leader throughout the duration of the inside turn in order to maintain balance.
  • Keep a loose grip so that the follower's hand can rotate within the leader's. 
  • While turning, the follower's left arm should wrap about their ribs to that after the turn the leader can resume the closed frame position.
  • Leaders should be wary of 'stirring' their left hand too much in the inside turn. The lead here is quite subtle. 
  • A common mistake is for leaders to begin turning their partner on count 4 instead of count 5. Starting the turn too early can throw off the follower's footwork and balance, so be sure that the actual rotation begins on count 5.

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