How to End a First Dance | Video Instructions

Want to end your first dance with a bang? You’re at the right place! Let Duet Dance show you a few fun ways to end your first dance. Use the tutorial videos below as inspiration. If you’d like to learn more, check out our Complete Online Dance Program. Skype Lessons and Custom Dance Routines are also available!

The Classic Dip

This classic dip is one of the most popular dance moves to end a first dance. It is fairly easy to perform and it looks great in pictures. Make sure to hold this pose for a few seconds, that way your photographer can capture this wonderful moment.

The Romantic Lean

This move is sweet and romantic. Not only can you use it as an ending of your first dance, you can also incorporate this in the middle of the dance as a “highlight.” Be creative!

The Iconic Circular Dip from “Dirty Dancing”

Are you a fan of “Dirty Dancing”? If so, you will love this iconic move from the last dance scene in the movie. It is romantic and dramatic and is perfect for those of you who really want to spice up your first dance! Enjoy!

Have fun and enjoy your first dance!

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