Wedding First Dance Tips - 9 Overlooked Details

Wedding First Dance Tips - 9 Overlooked Details


As you get closer to your big day, you might start realizing more wedding details that you haven't thought of before. Besides your ceremony programs, wedding favors, sitting chart and etc., here are 9 most overlooked details about your first dance that you should know.


1. Learning Time

A wedding dance is often the first time couples have formally danced together. This means dance is a completely new skill and will take some time to feel comfortable. When planning a wedding dance, don’t forget to consider the time it takes to learn. If you only have a short amount of time before your wedding, that’s okay, but it’s important to have clear expectations. If you know you want an extravagant routine, make sure to plan for extra learning time. 


2. Wedding Theme and Venue Style

If your wedding is themed, it is a wonderful idea to keep that style consistent throughout the big day including the wedding dance. For example, if your wedding has a vintage theme, choose a song that matches that style. It will also be beneficial to discuss choreography with your instructor so that these stylistic variables match up. They can help you add details that fit exactly with the theme you are trying to portray. If you need help with your first dance, feel free to schedule a Skype lesson with us!



If you are going to dance at your wedding, it's important to take your wedding dress into consideration. If you have a mermaid dress, you will have to practice taking smaller steps in your lessons because the mermaid dress will limit the size of your steps. If your wedding dress has a train, make sure to bustle it up before your first dance so that you don't step on it when dancing. If you have a big, full dress, you will have to practice dancing farther away from your partner to avoid stepping on the dress. Some brides even change into a different dress that is easier to dance in just for the first dance. That way, you don't have to worry about any dress malfunction and really enjoy dancing at your wedding!  



It's a smart idea to practice in your wedding shoes or shoes that are similar to the ones you will wear at your wedding. Especially if you are wearing high heels, you should get used to the feel of dancing in them. It's also helpful to break your shoes in before your big day. 



While some dance styles or steps take up more space and some take up less, knowing the size of the dance floor at your wedding can help you decide on dance moves that are most appropriate for your wedding. Don't ruin your magical first dance moment by running into your guests or wedding cake!



Keep your dance short and sweet. Dancing in front of people can be nerve-racking and minutes on the dance floor can feel like forever. To make sure your guests don’t get bored, keep the dance under 3 minutes. If your first dance song is longer than 3 minutes, you can either have your DJ fade it at around 3 minutes or your band play a shorter version of it.


7. Song Tempo

When choosing a song for your first dance, pay attention to the tempo of the song and make sure it is danceable. Some songs may be beautiful to listen to, but difficult to count or dance to. So, try marching to the beat of the song and see if it is too fast or too slow. We've created a list of first dance songs that are danceable and appropriate for the style we teach in our online program. You can also reach out to us and we would be happy to help you narrow down a song choice that would work well.



Make sure your DJ has the correct version of the song that you'd like to dance to. And if you have a band, make sure they play the tempo that you've been practicing to. Sometimes, a slight tempo change can really throw off your dancing.


9. Have Fun

Remember, learning to dance can be a great way to bond with your future spouse and will become a hobby that you two can do for the rest of your lives! Don’t get so caught up in the technical details of the dance that you forget to have fun in the learning process. Open a bottle of wine, dance with your sweetheart, be patient with each other and make your dance practice a fun date night!


Cover Photo by Love Is A Big Deal