Online Video Dance Programs


Wedding Dance For Beginners

Who is this for? This online wedding dance program is designed for anyone getting ready for a wedding. Rather you are the bride/groom, father of the bride or attending a wedding as a guest, you will find this program very helpful.

What is included? A set of 24 videos that show you the basic partnering skills, essential wedding dance steps, exciting turns and flares, the grand entrance and finale. By the end of the program, you will have all the pieces to create a romantic first dance or a memorable parent/child dance of your own! 


Slow Dance 101

Who is this for? Slow Dance 101 program is for anyone wanting to gain some basic knowledge in partner dancing and have fun dancing on any social dance floor. It is perfect for those of you who are attending a prom or wedding as a guest.

What is included? 10 instructional videos that show you the basics in slow dancing.


Wedding Hip Hop Dance

Who is this for? This program is designed for non-traditional wedding couples who want to surprise their guests with a unique hip hop dance routine. It’s guaranteed to be a jaw-dropping performance!

What is included? Instructional videos for up to 17 popular hip hop moves, wedding couple choreography and wedding party dance routine.