Meet your Instructors

We are a team of friendly and passionate dancers who want to share the joy of partner dancing with the world. We are so glad that you've found us online and we are ready to teach you everything you need to know for your wedding first dance. We look forward to helping you create your special first dance.

Cheers to many happy years dancing together!




Szewai is the owner of Duet Dance Studio. She will be guiding you through and teaching everything you need you know in your wedding dance journey. 

Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Dance, Szewai is trained in a variety of dance forms including ballet, modern, jazz, ballroom and Latin. When she began ballroom dancing, she felt in love with this dance form instantly. What she loves most about ballroom dance is that it is a social dance form. You can't dance by yourself. You have to go outside, meet people and connect with your partner and music. Ballroom dancing forces us to put down our cell phones and allows us to enjoy true, meaningful human interaction. Szewai has been teaching ballroom dance since 2006. She co-founded Ballroom Dance Chicago in 2009 and founded Duet Dance Studio in 2013 as she continues to spread the joy and benefits of partner dancing to the world. Szewai was voted as one of Chicago Top Five Dance Teachers 2013 on Art Intercepts and is a top rated teacher on Dabble.




Meghan has been performing since the age of three, be it singing, speaking, dancing, or acting. She spent most of her childhood power tumbling, but after retiring at fourteen, she found a new passion in dance. She began studying jazz, ballet, and musical theatre at several local dance studios. After graduating high school, she went back to choreograph for the theatre department’s musicals.

Her favorite aspect of teaching dance is getting people to relax and be comfortable with themselves. She loves the sense of accomplishment that comes with dance. To Meghan, there’s nothing more rewarding than when she sees her students having fun personalizing their dance steps and making them their own.

Meghan will be demonstrating all the skills you need to be a good follower on the dance floor. You will also learn some additional styling ideas to spice up your first dance!




For as long as she can remember, Kathryn has had two great passions: Dance and People. As a shy kid, she discovered that dance allowed her to express herself without having to speak. Kathryn’s passion for people developed while reading everything she could get her hands on. She loved the unique characters and amazing cultures that existed in books. Kathryn’s passions have led her across the US and around the world, learning and teaching many diverse dance forms. She recently spent two and a half years in Southeast Asia as a dance instructor- teaching ballroom dance in exchange for learning local movement forms.

With a firm belief that dance can change lives and connect diverse groups of people, Kathryn is driven to share her passion with everyone from first time movers to long time enthusiasts. She holds a masters degree in Dance Anthropology and researches cultural dances- everything from hip hop to cheerleading to classical Cambodian dance. Kathryn has worked with wedding couples in the US, UK, and Southeast Asia, and particularly enjoys being a part of the planning for such a meaningful event in people’s lives. She is so excited to be a part of the Duet team, sharing the joy of dance!




Ashton fell in love with dance at a young age. As a shy child, it became an outlet for her to grow and break out of her shell. She grew up training in ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, tap and modern. Her local studio competed nationally and performed locally in the community. Throughout college at Fresno State, Ashton danced with the Contemporary Dance Ensemble and Portable Dance Troupe on campus. She also attended the American College Dance Festival for multiple years where she was able to perform and take class from leading industry professionals. During this time, Ashton began teaching dance as a preschool dance instructor; combining her love of dance and working with children. Fast forward six years and teaching has become her passion as she hopes to continue to share her dance knowledge with students of all ages. Her favorite part of teaching dance is the sense of accomplishment her students feel through dance training. Prior to moving to Chicago, Ashton went on to pursue her master’s degree in Kinesiology from St. Mary’s College of California where she studied fitness and exercise science. Her interest in movement allows her to blend the science of exercise and the art of dance which brings her immense joy.